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Material requirements for precision machining
[ Release Time:2017/9/1  Read:9048Second ]

1. is the first hardness of the material requirements, on some occasions, the higher the hardness of materials is good, only the processing parts of the hardness requirements, processing materials can not be too hard, if the ratio of parts can not be processed just.

2., secondly, the material soft and moderate, at least lower than the hardness of a grade, but also depends on the role of the processing device is what to do, the reasonable selection of parts.

In short, the material requirements of precision machining, there are still some, not what materials are suitable for processing, such as too soft or too hard material, the former is not necessary for processing, and the latter is unable to process.

So, the most basic one is, before processing must pay attention to the density of the material, if the density is too large, the equivalent hardness is also great, but the hardness more than if the parts (lathe) hardness, is unable to process, not only damaged parts, will cause danger, such as turning out flying wounding collapse. So, in general, for mechanical processing, the material should be less than the hardness of the machine tool, so that it can be processed.

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