Equipment center Production equipment

Production equipment

Centers imported from USA including VMC1250Ⅱ、VMC1000Ⅱ, and machining centers imported from Taiwan including EV1020、FV-800A,LG Mazk VIC-160A, Die casting machines including 650T、500T、400T、300T、250T、180T. Also? 300 sets of other equipments including stamping, drawing, grinding, tube bending, lather and so on.

  • Aluminum Concentration Melting Furnace
  • Die Casting Production Unit
  • Intelligent Die Casting Machine Toyo 350T
  • Large Die Casting Machine 2250T (Toshiba)
  • High Speed Machining Center (Japan, Brother)
  • Automatic Casting Unit
  • MAZAK High Precision Machining Center
  • Laser Cutting Unit (Germany)
  • Robotic Automatic Welding Unit
  • Large Punch Press (1250T)
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